Hazlewood Castle - July 12th 2015

Our first event organised for us by Faith and Mark from Leeds. A great day and a great success for everybody....

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Heritage Weekend

             Heritage weekend June 27/28th  

Our third local history and heritage 2 day weekend event. Over the two days we had a series of different exhibits including a table of Big Dig excavation finds, many questions were asked about them but as yet we still need professionals to look at them and tell us what we have found...


Iron and metal objects

Animal bones

A neolithic flint blade

Interesting stones with fossilisations

Working blacksmiths slag with added extras!

We also had the Pilgrimage of Grace from Pocklington attending and they were very passionate about telling the story to entralled visitors...

Our village timeline exhibition is always well looked at, and the tombola and book stall sales were very successful.

The bridge toll over the two days was again a great addition to our funds, the generous passers by and drivers who were 'pillaged' by the vikings are to be thanked for their donations.

The cafe was well used by all and the spear pies were on the menu again.

Overall a very happy and easy going event, even though the visitor numbers were not as high as last years, but the weather was probably a factor in that.

Well done to all and thanks for the efforts put in on the food, tolls, books, tombola, setting up and cleaning up too.


BIG DIG Weekend

Well, we dug 13 pits around the village. We found a lot of 'stuff' but not the sword/helmet from 1066!! Hardly surprising since nothing has ever been found.

This was a great success and is the FIRST ORGANISED DIG of it's kind in the Village - EVER. So well done everyone.
We now have a platform to continue the work until we do find the sword/helmet etc.

Here are a few pics.

BIG DIG HQ - Great publicity
Dave and Jon --  Pondering!!!!

Too many Chiefs drinking tea and only one worker!!!

So much sand - Let's build a castle!

2 Yorkshire men and and American - playing a new game.

Tapestry- well and truly Launched

Sat 7th March was the day we finally got going with our Tapestry (embroidery).

With around 30 people coming along for the launch and take part in 2 workshops.

Chas Jones explains what is involved.
I am in no doubt that we have a group that will see this project through and produce the 'Missing Link' in the story of 1066.

Over 60 people are now involved and plans are in hand to design the storyboard and get sewing in a few months - fantastic.

Wanted – diggers, needle workers and volunteers for our projects.

Wanted – diggers, needle workers and volunteers for our projects.

We have now launched 2 MAJOR projects and would like the community and community groups to get involved.

The BIG DIG – will take place over Spring Bank holiday (May 23- 25th)
We want to dig up (with permission) a 1 meter square pit of garden/land, to try and uncover any archaeology relating to the history of Stamford Bridge area. The dig will be supervised by archaeologist Jon Kenny, who will provide expert guidance and training before we start. If you would like to offer a piece of your garden ( or other area). Please contact Tom Wyles, (01759 371638) or Chris Rock on 07572 684875  email chrisrock62@hotmail.com
Please let us know if you are unable to undertake a dig yourself.

1066 Tapestry - based on the Bayeaux and Fulford tapestries, we are creating our own piece of history by telling the story of the battle of Stamford Bridge. This will be the missing link in the story of 1066 and is a major undertaking which could take several years to complete. We expect to hold a workshop/seminar in early March, run by Chas Jones (who was the inspiration and expert with the Fulford Tapestry). There is a huge amount of design and planning before we start but we will be running more workshops and practice sessions as we decide on the final start date.
To register your (or your group) interest, please contact Tom Wyles.(01759 371638) email thwyles@btintermet.com or Chris Rock on 07572 684875 email chrisrock62@hotmail.com

If you want to know more, please come along to our
Next meeting on Wed February 11th in the
Cricket Club, starting at 7.30pm