BIG DIG Weekend

Well, we dug 13 pits around the village. We found a lot of 'stuff' but not the sword/helmet from 1066!! Hardly surprising since nothing has ever been found.

This was a great success and is the FIRST ORGANISED DIG of it's kind in the Village - EVER. So well done everyone.
We now have a platform to continue the work until we do find the sword/helmet etc.

Here are a few pics.

BIG DIG HQ - Great publicity
Dave and Jon --  Pondering!!!!

Too many Chiefs drinking tea and only one worker!!!

So much sand - Let's build a castle!

2 Yorkshire men and and American - playing a new game.

Tapestry workshop Sunday May 17th 1-4 pm in the cricket club

Please bring along any/all the work you are practicing.

There will be an update on my visit to Reading museum to see the Bayeux copy. Plus the design team will be working on the story board. We want your input on what should be included.

Plenty of tea/coffee chit chat and sharing good practice etc. 

Test Pit Dig day 10th May

We had our test pit dig day today, courtesy of John and Kay Sawkill who very kindly lent us their front garden for the experiment. I want to thank them for their hospitality and their supply of tea, coffee and biscuits and sandwiches.... cheers.

About ten local interested people turned up as well as archaeologist Rowan Kendrick from Leeds.
Jon Kenny took us through the process and we managed to dig about 60cm down which is half of what we hope to do on the actual dig weekend. Jon took the time to explain the recording process and what we need to do as we slowly work our way through the layers and what to be aware of.

The weather stayed fine and dry and we managed to find plenty of moraine pebbles and cobbles, some slate and flint. The only real finds were pieces of clay pipe, some iron nails and a coin. It wasn't roman or medieval but a modern 10p piece from about 1990, not surprising as the land was previously just a farmers field before the house was built in 1898.

All in all, it was successful in as much it was a trial for the community and it all went as planned. All we need now for the actual Big Dig is a nice warm, sunny weekend and some exciting finds whether Ancient, Roman, Viking, medieval or even Victorian... fingers crossed.

Towton Battle show - Sunday 29th March

Come and see us (and the battle re-enactment) this Sunday. We are having a display of BOSBS. You can help as well if you want.

Tapestry- well and truly Launched

Sat 7th March was the day we finally got going with our Tapestry (embroidery).

With around 30 people coming along for the launch and take part in 2 workshops.

Chas Jones explains what is involved.
I am in no doubt that we have a group that will see this project through and produce the 'Missing Link' in the story of 1066.

Over 60 people are now involved and plans are in hand to design the storyboard and get sewing in a few months - fantastic.