Battle Weekend

This is our 5th Battle re-enactment and will be our biggest and best.

We continue to grow fast and are already making plans for 2016 - the 950th anniversary.

We want you to come along, get involved and help with our mission of having the Battles of Stamford Bridge and Fulford (The forgotten battles of 1066) recognised and celebrated for the major events in our history they were.

Sharon Daniel (Winner of Child Genius) is our 
special guest.

Well Done Sharon - Genius.

We would like to congratulate Sharon Daniel who has WON the Channel 4 series - Child Genius.

Sharons' specialist subject was The Battle Of Stamford Bridge and it was her final question that got her to the knockout out round and victory.

We were asked to do some filming with Sharon back in April and we gave her a full guided walk. Although only 10 seconds were shown in the programme.

We have invited Sharon and her parents to come to our battle weekend on 20th September to meet Kings Harald and Harold and be a part of the event.

Fulford Dig

Thank you to all who helped at the Fulford Dig. To be as calm as possible, the dig has been spectacularly successful. We have numerous finds and are VERY excited to here the results of X-rays on some of the large pieces of metal. This will take a while.

For those of you who are not aware of what is happening at Fulford - Persimmon homes are poised to start building on what is believed to be the site of the Battle in 1066. English Heritage have not registered the site as an 'Ancient Monument' which will protect it and, despite huge amount of evidence, still will NOT!!

Chas Jones has been leading the campaign to have the site registered for many years and will be using all the new evidence in his legal case against English Heritage.

Having worked for 5 days on the dig and seen what has been found I believe that the case will be won. It is something we ALL must get involved in OR a piece of history will be lost.

Please go to the Battle of Fulford website to see the whole story and take a look at this short video from Chas Jones which gives a good overview.

Chas Jones on Fulford

Battle of Fulford Website

Some pictures of the dig -

Diane and Chris working hard

Working on the Ford across the 'wetland'

Base Camp

Working in the 1066 layer and finding plenty.

Paul with his invaluable trusty detector

Hi all,

There is an interesting story appearing in the press and media about an auction of a viking sword apparently used at our favourite battle site:

see the link below:

or BBC link:

Needless to say i think it would highly speculative to think this was true....more a ploy by the family or vendor to make the sword more collectable.

Yet another myth to add to the long list of others.....

Yes Tom,
Thanks to everyone who took the time and effort to help out or attend. It was a great and diverse mix of groups and items for show. I think the visitors were quite surprised at what we offered them this time. We have room to improve to make next years even bigger and better.. watch this space!

Heres some pix i took on my phone, I think Dave took lots more with his camera. I didnt get time to take any photos on the sunday, so if you have some please pass them on to us.

Special thanks to:
Friends of Hagg Wood, Beaufort Companye (Wars of the Roses Federation), Volsung Vikings, East Riding Archaeological Society, Southburn Archaeological Museum and North Duffield Historical Group.