Hi all,

There is an interesting story appearing in the press and media about an auction of a viking sword apparently used at our favourite battle site:

see the link below:


or BBC link:


Needless to say i think it would highly speculative to think this was true....more a ploy by the family or vendor to make the sword more collectable.

Yet another myth to add to the long list of others.....

Yes Tom,
Thanks to everyone who took the time and effort to help out or attend. It was a great and diverse mix of groups and items for show. I think the visitors were quite surprised at what we offered them this time. We have room to improve to make next years even bigger and better.. watch this space!

Heres some pix i took on my phone, I think Dave took lots more with his camera. I didnt get time to take any photos on the sunday, so if you have some please pass them on to us.

Special thanks to:
Friends of Hagg Wood, Beaufort Companye (Wars of the Roses Federation), Volsung Vikings, East Riding Archaeological Society, Southburn Archaeological Museum and North Duffield Historical Group.

Great Weekend

Our Heritage weekend was a HUGE success. Thanks to ALL who turned up to helped and got stuck in.
This was the key to the success and shows what a group we have - well done.

We had the weather, the displays and the visitors.

We have now truly launched this event and we are already planning next years.

Everything was success especially the Spear Pies & cook book.

More details and pictures will follow.

Heritage Wekend - ALL SYSTEMS GO!!!!!!!

Everything is set for a great weekend of history & nostalgia in the Village Hall (10am to 5pm Sat & Sunday).

Be prepared to be pillaged by Vikings if you come over the Bridge, but do come along and join in the fun.

Wetwang (20th May) - talk to the assembled hostages - enjoyed by all.

It was a very enjoyable night as the Wetwang Historical Society were visited by Viking messengers from King Harald Hardrada who had come from Jorvik to take hostages back to Stamford Bridge following the victory over the Saxon garrison at Fulford.

Messenger Einar Sigurdsson and warrior Refkeld (body guard to King Harald) told the assembled 50 prisoners who turned up and  were held captive in the village hall, what to expect now that they were subject to Viking Law.

As they were obedient and did not cause trouble, they were released on instructions to spread the word that the Vikings would be back should they falter.

They then had a cup of tea and went to the pub!!!!